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Easily deliver the instant, personalized service that drives growth and exceeds customers expectations.

Easily set up and manage your customer service tasks from one place by using the Service module in Netlogia. Set up everything related to customer service, like defining parent-child case hierarchy, creating queues, routing rule sets, rule for automatic case creation, service level agreements (SLAs), entitlements, and customer service schedule.

Unify your agent experience with the Activities Panel. Our customer service management solution puts all the information your representatives need at their fingertips, all in one out-of-the-box console. Agents can manage cases faster, track customer history, view dashboards, and a lot more. All in a single view.

From the phone to the field, Mobile Field Force is the way to ensure that you can deliver world-class customer service in on-site interactions. Create cases and service orders, dispatch the right field technician for the job, and monitor in the field with Live.


  • Cases and Activities
  • Activities Panel
  • Integration with Projects and Planning
  • Service Contracts
  • SLAs Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Integration with Logistics and Delivery