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Capture Every Opportunity with CRM Sales

Maximize your productivity with a CRM sales platform that promotes best practices. Prioritize your sales pipeline with personalized dashboards and personal productivity tools. Increase win rates with rich customer insight and collaborative selling tools. Drive best practices with powerful process automation that aligns with your sales playbook.

Increase your sales win rate by prioritizing the right opportunities and optimizing activities for each individual customer. Capture all pertinent details across the entire sales and customer lifecycle. Promote best practices. Stay engaged with ubiquitous access to information across any device and the applications sales use the most.

Access information in your smartphone even when you're offline. Easily find and edit the information you need using a native Android mobile client that is optimized for the device. Store and edit records while offline that will be automatically applied when you regain connectivity. Configure the mobile client's branding, distribution, local storage and security according to your specific business needs.

Shorten the time from lead to opportunity. Prioritize the right engagements. Deliver the correct message using the correct channel. Leverage history captured in other internal systems and across the web to answer the questions you didn’t think to ask. Seamlessly hand-off all critical knowledge to other team members when you identify a real opportunity.


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  • CRM Marketing
  • Manage your Sales Force with Live
  • Workforce planning
  • Sales cost control
  • Sales Force automated Timesheets