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Netlogia gives you full control of your deliveries by connecting managers, drivers and customers

Live view the status of any order in the system. Reassign packages to different drivers, while the software takes care of all the necessary notifications. View proof of delivery information as it is captured in the field. Cancel orders in a smart way, allowing OnTime to notify the appropriate people when such an action takes place.

Netlogia will plot out drivers' routes and suggest the appropriate order to visit locations. Note what zones or regions a driver will be in at certain time periods to allow the software to suggest the most appropriate drivers to the dispatcher when creating a new order.

Allow Netlogia to track your vehicles and their required maintenance. When a scheduled mileage or date is reached, you are notified that a particular vehicle is in need of maintenance.


  • Automated Dispatching
  • Warehouse Integration
  • Smart Routing
  • Real time Tracking and Alerts
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Fleet Management