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Currently we do not provide a trial version. We hope to have this feature available anytime soon.

Yes! There is a demo version available. Please open this page

For the moment we only sell licenses via authorized partners. Please, contact us in order to know who can provide you Netlogia licenses.

The payment options are: Paypal, 2Checkout and directly to your Netlogia partner.

For the moment, you have to contact us or an authorized partner.

Yes! Currently we have partial or full integration with some ERP's on the Market. Any integration can be made via WebAPI. Please, contact us on this.

Yes! Currently this can be done in 3 ways:

- WebAPI

- Internal Plugins

- Via Outsystems

We also provide some MEF libraries to customize some business rules according to the law of each Country and companies specific rules.

Your data is stored in SQL Server Databases. Depending on the type of your license, those Databases reside in standard hosting servers or Microsoft Azure servers.

The data is yours. This means that, if for some reason, you want to stop to work with us, we will provide you with your data.

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