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Provide companies a live platform for operations management, fully integrated and accessible anywhere.

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Provide a single, global, real-time platform for the enterprise operations worlwide.

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Customer commitment; Quality; Inovation; Integrity; Teamwork; Respect for the People; Will to Win;

Background Story

Background Story

The Beginning

The whole idea behind Netlogia, was to create a unified app that could agregate in one central place many of the applications that the Enterprise needs and are outside the ERP.

Having one app that are many apps, with one single DB and WebAPI, using the same UI, it seemed to us to be a good idea.

Adding the Live module and some mobile apps, we started to create a great app to help small multinationals to mange their daily operations wherever they operate.

Background Story

Concept Development

Beeing pioneer in one area, has a lot of risks and implies some trial and error development.

Our passion for what we do, and the proximity with customers and partners, allow us to move on and prove to the market that the concept was good and it would be effectivly helpfull for the companies.

Having the concept proven, it was time integrate modules and other systems.

Background Story

Being Known

No product can grow without sales. For that it has to be known.

The other great advantage of the sales is that more users use it. More users means more power and lesser bugs.

More customers, also mean more new features and more integration between modules and other systems.